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Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK

Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN

Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN (4461)

Updated: Aug 7, 2017

  • Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK ScreenShots
  • Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK ScreenShots
  • Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK ScreenShots
  • Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK ScreenShots
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN – Super VPN是Green原创团队最佳新品,现在下载即可获得VIP会员专线,Super VPN是一款 Free VPN 翻墙神器,. Download Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK for free from now. Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK is free Tools APK for Android. The latest version of Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK es and published on 17-12-04. Over 500000 users download this app. 4461 8.

Security Details of Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK:

Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN apk no concern.
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN apk no ads.
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN apk no social sdk.

The details of Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK:

Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN main features:Super VPN是Green原创团队最佳新品,现在下载即可获得VIP会员专线,Super VPN是一款 Free VPN 翻墙神器,.
uses feature
Touchscreen hardware features:
The app uses the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) telephony radio system.
Know more aboutSuper VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN apk or Download apk.
✓ Free: forever free, unlimited traffic
✓ simple: one key connection, no need to register
✓ fast: hundreds of server lines, any one you choose
✓ use: using a VPN proxy, on Facebook, Youtube,Google and other sites and accelerate the foreign game speed, etc.< br>✓ lightweight: the app only account for 5M of space,
✓ secure: ten years brand guarantee the security of your data
✓ unlimited: there is no traffic and the broadband limit

for the record:
our software is only for research,learning,education,and all other legitimate purposes.< br>is strictly prohibited all violations in China and the server where the Law of the state of the behavior.< br>

technical description:
virtual private network, that is, we usually say that the blue light VPN over the wall, not a brand new network concept. As its name reveals, the blue light VPN circumvention can be defined as a use of public network facilities private network services. A typical example is a call. When we told friends to call when using the Public telephone network in between the two sides to establish a virtual private connection. Blue light VPN over the wall in two important concept is virtual and private. The so-called virtual, is with the real relative. In a real private network, so the network devices are affiliated with a company or Agency. While a virtual private network using a public network infrastructure, so it's not really private. The so-called private, refers to all of the real information to the outside world is not visible. Although both the communication using the public network, but can through information encryption means to ensure the security of data and private.< br>
first question: Why do you want to deploy lantern VPN wall
the deployment of the lantern, VPN circumvention of the main reasons is that it can save money. In the modern economic activities, many multinational companies around the world have their own branches and offices. They often need to be Business Communication and remote collaboration. In order to establish such a connection, there are only two ways: one is in each of the branches established between the private line, another method is to directly access the Internet, set up a public network of the lantern VPN over the wall. Obviously, the use of Internet solutions to be much more economical. If using a private leased line, the need in each of the two branches between the establishment of point-to-point connection. If there are n branches, then each branch requires at least n-1-th line. Such a composition of the private network not only complex, but also very expensive. Not an ordinary company can afford. And the use of the Internet solution is both simple and economic, each branch is only responsible for the own access to the nearest Internet node.< br>lantern VPN circumvention technology description

lantern VPN wall, Virtual Private Network a virtual private network, is defined as through a public network usually the Internet to establish a temporary, secure connection, is a public network through the security, stability tunnel. Virtual private network is an extension of the intranet,it can help remote users, company branches, business partners and suppliers with the company's internal network connection to establish credible security and ensure the security of data transmission.< br>
the IETF for IP-based lantern VPN wall explained as follows: through a special tunnel encryption technology in the public data network on a simulation of a point-to-point leased line technology. The so-called virtual, is the means that the user no longer needs to have actual long-distance data lines, but the use of the Internet public data network long-distance data line. The so-called private network is that users can set themselves one of the most in line with their needs of the network. Early private network generally refers to Telecom operators to provide Frame Relay or ATM virtual fixed line(PVC)service of the network, or by operators of the DDN network to build user's own private network.< br>
now the lantern of the VPN is on the Internet the temporary establishment of a secure private virtual network, the user saves leased line costs, while in addition to the purchase VPN circumvention device or VPN software products, the companies paid only to the business location to the ISP to pay a certain cost of Internet access for different areas of Customer Contact also saves long distance charges. This is the lantern VPN wall of the low price of the reason.< br>
to the OSI model with reference to the standard, the different lantern VPN circumvention technologies may be at different OSI Protocol Layer implementation.< br>in the following table: VPN wall in the OSI hierarchy lantern VPN wall to achieve the
application Layer SSL VPN
session layer Socks5 VPN
network layer IPSec VPN
The Data Link Layer PPTP and L2TP

application layer VPN over the wall
SSL Protocol:
Secure Sockets Layer, Secure Socket Layer,SSL belonging to the high-level security mechanisms, widely used in the Web browser program and Web server program, providing peer-to-peer authentication and Application Data Encryption. In SSL, the authentication is certificate-based. Server direction client-side authentication is required, and the SSL version 3 customers in the direction of the service side of the Certification is only optional, but has not been widely applied. The SSL session contains a handshake phase, in this phase communication between the two sides to exchange a certificate, generates a session key negotiation after the communication using the encryption algorithm. The completion of the handshaking after the B/S application, the application can safely transfer data without having to make any major changes, except in the transmission of data to be called when the SSL API instead of the traditional socket API, but for the C/S structure of the application software, the solution with the session layer of the VPN similar.< br>SSL is an end-to-end Protocol, and thus is in the communication path endpoint on the machine to achieve, which is usually in the client and server, without the need for the communications path of intermediate nodes such as routers or firewalls. While in theory SSL can be used to protect TCP/IP communications, but in fact the SSL application is almost limited to HTTP. In SSL communication, the server-side using port 443, and the client-side port is optional.

The session layer VPN over the wall
Socks4 Protocol:
Socks in the OSI model the session layer, the Socks Protocol, the client program through a Socks client to the 1080 port through the firewall to initiate a connection establishment to the Socks server in the VPN tunnel, and then proxy application client and application server communication. In this framework, the Protocol can safely and transparently through the firewall, and the client program on the destination host is not visible, so it is better to hide the target host. SOCKS technology is the key to the client application for the Socks, added to the Socks Protocol support, then the server side and then parse the Socks of the results.< br>Socks4 Protocol, which is the TELNET, FTP, HTTP, WAIS and GOPHER and other TCP-based protocols does not include a UDP client/server program to provide a Certification is not required of the firewall, established a no-encryption and authentication VPN tunnel.< br>
Socks5 protocols:
Socks5 Protocol extension of the Socks4, to make it support UDP, TCP Framework provides the secure authentication scheme, the Address Resolution Scheme as specified in the IPv4, DNS and IPv6. In order to implement the Socks Protocol, usually need to re-compile or re-link TCP-based client applications to use the Socks library corresponding to the encryption function, and increase the data transmission integrity, data packet Compression Support.< br>network layer VPN wall technology

- IPSec protocols:
IPSec is IETF support for the standard one, and it is the first two it differs in that it is the third layer, i.e. IP layer encryption. IPSec is not some kind of special encryption algorithm or authentication algorithm, there is no in it a data structure specifying a particular encryption algorithm or authentication algorithm, it's just a open structure, defined in the IP data packet format, different encryption algorithms can use IPSec to define the system structure in the network data transmission process in the embodiment. the
IPSec Protocol can be set to operate in two modes: one is a tunnel, tunnel mode, one is a transmission(transport)mode. In tunnel mode, IPSec the IPv4 packet is encapsulated in a secure IP frame. The transmission mode is in order to protect the end-to-end security, i.e. in this mode does not hide routing information. Tunnel mode is the most secure, but will lead to larger system overhead.< br>
The Link-Layer VPN wall technology
PTP Protocol:
PPTP point to Point Tunneling Protocol is by the PPTP forum for the development of point-to-point secure tunnel Protocol for use of telephone Internet access of the user to provide the secure VPN service, established in 1996 as a IETF draft. PPTP is the PPP Protocol an extension, provided in the IP network to establish a multi-Protocol security VPN communication, the remote user can be through any of support for PPTP ISP to access the corporate private network.< br> - PPTP offers PPTP client and the PPTP server between the secure communication. The PPTP client is running the Protocol of the PC, the PPTP server is running on the Protocol Server. Through the PPTP, customers can use dial-up access to the public IP network. Dial-up customers first in a conventional manner to dial up to the ISP's Access server, establish a PPP connection; on this basis, the customers for secondary dial-up to establish the PPTP connection to the server, the connection is called a PPTP tunnel. The PPTP tunnel is essentially based on the IP Protocol of another PPP connection, wherein the IP packet can encapsulate a variety of Protocol data, including TCP / IP, IPX and NetBEUI for. For a direct connection to the IP network of the client is not required for the first PPP dial-up connection, be connected directly to the PPTP server for establishing a virtual path.< br>PPTP is the biggest advantage of Microsoft's support, an additional advantage is that it supports flow control, it can guarantee between client and server is not congested, the improvement of communication performance, minimizes packet loss and re-discovery. PPTP to establish a tunnel of the initiative to the customer, but the customer need in which on the PC configuration PPTP, doing both will increase the user workload, will cause the network to security risks. In addition, PPTP works only in IP, not with the end of the tunnel authentication function, you need to rely on the user authentication.

App Version:

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017

Apk Size: 7MB

App by: Turbo VPN

Price: Free

Category: Tools

Content Rating: 8

Support Android Version: Android 4.0 and up

App Package: com.vpn.supervpn.vpn

Target: Android 6.0 (M)

Screens: small, normal, large, xlarge

Densities: 120, 160, 240, 320, 480, 640

MD5: 7DB96785248778546B0ACBBB0CF96438

Signature: CB012E54DCC99B17024B115BD2F421C0B1A9A2FA

SHA256: 1C5FC1A96BD8C527EF7FAAE2BDDCF6D2B4B29673942C09832FAD4D17FACD5276

ROOT: Not required

Offers In-App Purchase: no

Support Languages: ca da fa ja ka pa ta nb id be de he ne te af bg th zh fi hi si vi kk mk sk uk el gl ml nl pl sl tl am km bn in kn mn ko lo ro sq ar fr hr mr sr tr ur bs cs es is ms et it lt pt eu gu hu ru zu lv sv iw sw hy ky my az uz fr_CA lo_LA en_GB bn_BD et_EE ka_GE ky_KG km_KH zh_HK si_LK mk_MK ur_PK sq_AL hy_AM my_MM zh_CN pa_IN ta_IN te_IN ml_IN en_IN kn_IN mr_IN gu_IN mn_MN ne_NP pt_BR gl_ES eu_ES is_IS es_US pt_PT en_AU zh_TW ms_MY az_AZ kk_KZ uz_UZ

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Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK Version History
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK APK Download
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK APK Download
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK APK Download
Super VPN(Green 团队出品)-比赛风速的自由门open greenvpn中的天行VPN APK APK Download
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